Wattz Prophetz


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The Watts Prophets poets and World’s longest performing “Rap” group from Watts, Los Angeles, California, were the first Rap artist to publish the common law trademark word “Rappin™” on an album, establishing the global title of the new American art form called “Rap”.
Anthony ‘Amde’ Hamilton, a true Father of Rap music was taught by prominent spiritual masters of both Ethiopia and Egypt, is the third American to be ordained as a priest of the ancient 2000-year-old Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Amde founded the first Ethiopian Orthodox Church in California, St. Takla Haymanot. In the late 1980’s Amde was invited to Egypt by poet Pope Shenouda III the 117th Coptic Pope of Alexandria & Patriarch of the See of St. Mark to reside at his home in the ancient Egyptian monastery, Amde baptized the great singer Nina Simone and can be seen performing a spoken-word piece at the 1981 funeral service of Bob Marley (Baptized Ethiopian Orthodox) in Jamaica in the 1982 film ‘Land of Look Behind’.

For Father Amde exclusive live on-line chat e-mail to wpceainc@yahoo.com

“The Watts Prophets released only one (1) Rap album every 10 Years from the year 1970 to 2000”
Living example of how Poets evolve and stay relevant.

Lyrics: Otis Smith, Anthony Hamilton

The album “Rappin’ Black in a White World” (1971) contained eighteen(18) tracks of poetry and music released during the Vietnam War era. The cover depicts a young boy of African decent in a military jacket clutching a rifle. It was emblematic of
youth being sent to war.




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