How to Hustle and Win (How to Hustle and Win #1)

by Supreme Understanding, Sujan Dass



This is the book everyone’s’s been talking about. No other book has explained the game – every part of it quite like this.

If you’re looking for the keys you need to succeed in this dirty game, they’re all here. Nine principles – covering over 120 lessons – emerge from the true stories of Black gangsters, hustlers, pimps, slaves, snitches, rebels, rappers, and revolutionaries.

This Survival Guide for the Ghetto combines over 4,000 years of the Black experience with easy-to-follow advice for today. It’s all in here: Sex, Lies, Drugs, Crime, Violence, Ignorance, Intelligence, Religion, Racism, and Revolution.

If you’re looking for answers – to almost any question – you’ll find them here. The mind is the worlds most powerful weapon – and this is all the ammunition you need.



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