Book~’Black August: Politikal Prisonerz in Struggle’

From: Carolina, who works with Amigos de Mumia in Mexico
Contact Info:

Hi to all,

This is just to let you know that I’ve published an updated version of my book, Agosto Negro: presas y presos políticos en pie de lucha (Black August: Political prisoners in struggle).

A gesture of solidarity with the Black Liberation Struggle, the Spanish language book includes information about current political prisoners, as well as those who have died in prison and those who are now free. When possible, I used their own inspiring words to talk about their cases, their motives for struggle, their ideas and actions in the face of the FBI/police war against them (COINTELPRO and beyond).

All of the information in the book is readily available in English on web pages that deal with political prisoners (mainly Jericho Movement, Anarchist Black Cross and Freedom Archives), as well as pages of individual prisoners, and in a number of books and documentaries. But it’s practically non-existent in Spanish, with the exception of Mumia’s writings and broadcasts, and information about his case. So this is my small effort– a weird combination of compiling, narrating, summarizing, contextualizing and translating–– to help create more international solidarity for the comrades.

The book has evolved from a series of articles I wrote and published in August 2010 on several independent media sites here in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries about former and current political prisoners of the Black Liberation Struggle––their cases and their struggles.  Then in 2014, I updated it and turned it into a fanzine, and this past August, published it as a book, which I’ve sold at the price of $100 Mexican pesos or $5 US dollars, mainly to be able to recover part of the cost of production and print more books to spread the word. In August I only published 100 copies with a small movement publishing company, which went pretty quick. Now, friends in an alternative news agency, SubVersiones, have worked with me on publishing an updated version. We’re grateful for being able to use some illustrations by Kiilu Nyasha, Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, and a friend here, MC Xozulu, as well as some photos by Stephen Shames. There’s been quite a bit of interest in it, and we’ll be doing more book presentations, including screenings of documentaries. I have to say though, that these efforts, as of yet, have resulted in very little concrete support for the prisoners, so the struggle continues.

If any of you who read this, especially political prisoners or ex political prisoners, would be interested in having a copy of my book, I would be so happy to send it to you. But of course, I wouldn’t want to do anything to cause anyone problems. I saw that Jalil Muntaqim was just sent to the SHU for teaching other prisoners about the BPP.  And Mary, of the San Francisco Bay View, has said that that there’s a real campaign in many prisons against any prisoners having anything to do with Black August. So it would be important to know if anybody inside would want a copy of the book. There’ll also be a downloadable digital copy available around January 15th.

Here go wishes to all of you for the best possible year ahead.

OnaMOVE,  carolina


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