Un bouquet de larmez – A bourquet of Tearz

by Par Michel Sanon

(In French, here http://bit.ly/eXhaib)

Two hundred thousand stars
Extinct, evaporated
In a sunset
Wrapped in dust
On this galactic stage
Close to the hearts of those
Who cherish freedom
Two hundred thousand flowers
Abruptly chopped away
In the devastation
Of a garden drenched with blood
Two hundred thousand children
Of all ages and features
Snatched away woefully
From the trembling arms
Of a broken mother
Who had already shed
Almost all of her tears.
Haiti Cherie …
What does the future hold?
Blessed be those strangers
All people of good will
Who strived to lend
A helping hand
When that infamous Cross you bear
Was crushing your spine.
Then came in semidarkness
The hawks and the foxes
Vultures and hyenas
With gems of illusion
Set in blinding cynicism.
Once again
Adam’s Planet is on the verge
Of completing with no glory
Another journey around the Sun
Whose constant rays
Are a symbol of life.
Life be with you
Haiti Cherie!
Collect yourself your dignity.
In this bouquet of tears
You will receive
Two hundred thousand wishes
For better days to come.

Michel Sanon (Montreal)
Jan. 11, 2011



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