ProLibertad Statement on Oscar’z release and FREE ANA BELEN MONTEZ!

The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is proud to announce the commutation of Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera’s sentence.  Oscar is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 17, 2017.  We assume that his first stop will be Chicago before returning home to Puerto Rico, but we will confirm those details later.

As this statement is being written, we are overwhelmed by this incredible victory.  A victory 35 years in the making!  A victory of the people, who protested, marched, recited poetry, wrote letters, made phone calls, tweeted, emailed, picketed, marched in parades, and kept hope alive through militancy, action, and consistency.  This is a well earned victory, yet we must be vigilant.

It’s not over until Oscar walks out of Terre Haute:

We must keep our eye on Oscar’s case and make sure that we respond in kind if incoming President Donald Trump tries to impede Oscar’s release.  Despite the fact that Presidential pardons and commutations are difficult to undue, Trump and his cronies can try to block Oscar’s release, we must be united and focused in our response, if Trump attempts anything.

Oscar will need our support now more than ever:

We must begin fundraising for Oscar’s return to “freedom.”  ProLibertad is going to be setting up a crowd sourcing fund, organize several events, and implement other means of raising money for Oscar’s transition out of prison.  We’ re challenging our allies and supporters to help us raise $5000 between now and May.

¡La Lucha sigue! Now it’s time to free our sister, Ana Belen Montes:

We’re focusing our energy on freeing Ana Belen Montes!  She’s the last Puerto Rican Political prisoner/prisoner of conscience left behind the walls and she needs out support now more than ever.  Ana Belen Montes is elderly and stricken with Breast cancer, which has disabled her and left her in great pain.  We need to galvanize our forces and build a mass movement calling for her freedom.

We have two days to demand Ana’s FREEDOM!

Brothers and Sisters,

We need to pressure President Obama to release Puerto Rican Political Prisoner/Prisoner of Conscience Ana Belen Montes!

Click the link below and write in the sample paragraph below!  We need your Solidarity and Action! contact/write-or-call


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