Free ‘Em All … in Loz Angelez, CA


There is a need for a Jericho Amnesty Coalition in Los Angeles to raise up the issue, visibility, and fight for the freedom of Black/NuAfrikan Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War.
There had been a committee in Los Angeles, but do to the Liberalism and Complicity of Michael Novick in particular, it was allowed to be taken over by the Black Riders Liberation Party under the leadership of Gen. Taco, a pimp, fraud and predator on the Black community who uses Black Power and Revolution as his cover.
Please take the time to consider stepping up to aid in this task of rebuilding the Los Angeles chapter of the Jericho Amnesty Coalition.
The majority of those criminalized by the state for fighting for the liberation of Puerto Rico, a colony of US imperialism, have been freed.
The majority of those white allies, anti-racist and anti-imperialist freedom fighters criminalized by the state for fighting in solidarity with Black, Indigenous and Puerto Rican liberation movements against U.S. imperialism, have been freed.
Black freedom fighters, many from the Black Panther Party, remain in prison. Some since the 1960s. This in and of itself is a crime.
It will take individuals who have their own initiative to step up and handle this work.
Can you handle it?
Are you ready?
Free ‘em all. Every last one of ‘em.

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