Police Brutality: Isolated Incidentz or Institutionalized Practicez?


Many have seen the stunning October 28 video of police in New Mexico assaulting a New Afrikan family after pulling them over on the side of the road. To most of Amerika this type of footage is shocking for any number of reasons. Whether it be because the teenage son was tazered by police for trying to protect his mother from pig oppression, or because police shot at the kid-filled van. Most Amerikans deem this type of behavior unacceptable and they demand answers. Likewise, some within Amerika agree that this behavior is not what those who “protect & serve” should be doing, but they’ll come up with excuses for the police such as, they only have a split second to react, and in the heat of the moment hesitation can cost you your life. And then there are the more convoluted excuses such as, the police did what they did because of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), or any other such stress-related condition associated with being a cop. And to the white settler-state, and even to some from the oppressed internal nations, these idealized excuses perfectly suffice. But the truth of the matter is that this type of behavior on the part of the pigs is acceptable exactly because that is how the police keep the oppressed in check. These types of abuses are not isolated incidents, but institutionalized practices that are part and parcel to maintaining white power in the United $tates.

To the Chican@ nation this type of police brutality is nothing new, isolated or particular to New Afrikans. Rather it is part of reality for the oppressed of the Chican@ nation and any other internal semi-colony. For those of us growing up in the 80s and 90s in the ghettos and barrios of Amerika this was certainly a daily possibility, especially whenever we dared to venture out the hood and into or near the settler communities.

Integration into the consumer economy via labor aristocracy wages has brought privilege for the oppressed within U.$. borders via the stolen super-profits and cheap abundant goods from the periphery. But the reality of imperial dominance cannot be negated by class relations as they continue to be modified by national interests and the principal contradiction: imperialism vs. the oppressed nations. Leave it to the apologists for national oppression in Amerika, the post-modernist theorists and other petty-bourgeois intellectuals who would have us think that we’ve reached some type of “post-racialism” and that therefore it’s ok to paint oneself in black-face for example, or dress up as your favorite Latino stereotype for Halloween because “race” relations in the United $tates have never been better. And the hystory of segregation is better forgotten. Yes “race” relations in the United $tates have changed profoundly, but let’s not get it twisted, segregation was ended and civil rights were won exactly because of the strong national liberation movements and the threat of armed struggle that underlined the Black, Chican@, Boriqua and First Nation power movements of the 1960s and 70s. What humyn dignity we have today is not owed to concessions and benevolence on the part of the oppressor nation and their power structure. Rather they are rights won by revolutionaries and masses before us; as there are no “rights,” only power struggles.

Pigs almost always walk away with a slap on the wrist for abuses of power and attempted murder incidents such as the one in New Mexico, so let’s not start believing that just because that shooting was caught on video it’s gonna mean a conviction equaling the ones doled out to the Black and Brown in North America on a daily basis. If we want justice, we better go get justice and not expect it’s gonna be given to us.



3 thoughts on “Police Brutality: Isolated Incidentz or Institutionalized Practicez?

  1. This is spot on, I hope many people read and comprehend what this excellent person has generously shared with us.
    That poor family were being terrorized, they were in fear for their lives because that is what it is!
    That was ridiculous because that cop should have known and been far better trained but he is not, he chose to go to the extreme over something that wasn’t actually harming anyone. He was pretty determined to fulfill his quota and make sure his masters get the money from the poor because that is his job right. That was the point of his writing that ticket and trying to force her to sign it, signing it is an admission of guilt, he was attempting to force her into submission, it was a power move, her accuser should not have the right to make her sign a confession to a crime by force, simple as that!
    The police are really good at escalation, we know this, the police are really good at harming innocent people, we know this, the police are poorly chosen by their employers, given inadequate training and support, and because of this the police are completely ineffectual at solving crimes and protecting people, we know all this. It is impossible for crimes to be solved by the police simply because they are so despised by all people, no one likes or trusts them, no one will cooperate with them, no one wants them around
    Since the Europeans began to illegally occupy North America that is all there has been here, oppression, murder of the innocent and destruction of all we as life forms require to survive, this is all done for shits and giggles, along with profit and ego, none of those reasons are valid.
    The economy is not justification for terror and murder, no official government in modern north america has given anything to the people they claim to be protecting and who’s interest’s they claim to be acting upon, they are parasites, they only take they never give.
    The only time the people have gained anything against these malign institutions and their agents is when they have risen up against their oppressors and forced them into submission. That is why some have medical care, that is why some received some support, that is why those who have any rights and freedoms have any rights and freedoms because other revolutionaries have sacrificed themselves for those rights, not because the master was kind.
    The master has never been kind,
    The master will never be kind,
    The master has never done anything for us and is always there to take their share first,
    so why do we even have them?
    I think it is time they learned to take care of themselves for a change, it would do them some good.

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