Please help stop the reduction in visit access at our state prisonz

The Governor has announced that NY intends to limit visits in state maximum security prisons to weekends only. Please help persuade our state to maintain the current 7 day access to visits.

The document below provides email and snail mail addresses to send messages expressing the need to maintain or expand the access to in-person contact visits in our prisons. Oppose the reduction in visit days and, if you want, at the same time ask them to please consider expansion of other family reunion and family programs. Tell them that any step in the opposite direction is inappropriate and ill-advised. Visits and family programs are well known to assist with reentry and to reduce recidivism. We should not move away from humane and good corrections practice. The presence of friends, children and families humanizes our state prisons and provides love, hope and connections vital to all.

The document includes the news article that announced this step and two brief “sample” messages at the end that you can use or adapt to your own feelings.

If you are personally affected by this change, please share your story in opposing this reduction.

Thank you in advance for your awesome advocacy!

The New York City Jails Action Coalition

If you are following the links in the attachment and emailing officials to protest the reduction in visiting at NYS prisons, the address for Anthony Annucci is incorrect. The correct address seems to be


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