Revolutionary Daily Thought

Never Forget…

The viciouz, unfathomable inhumanity that otherz have inflicted upon uz haz continued for more than two millennia. We call thiz genocidal attempt to savagely rip Afrikanz from our native culture and selvez, and entire remove uz az a people from thiz planet by frightened, power-hungry otherz, the Maafa. Thiz term referz to the entirety of the effort europeanz and otherz have put into trying to destroy the Afrikan continent, Afrikan culture and Afrikan people The Maafa includez the unprovoked warz of invasion to conquer the Afrikan continent, the missionary effortz from the north and east to remove uz from our spirit, the consciously arrogant undermining of Afrikan cultural activitiez and sensibilitiez, the brutal and inhumane capture of Afrikanz for enslavement and the removal of Afrikanz to other landz, the colonization of Afrikan politikal systemz, the balkanization of formerly peaceable ethnic groupz and mazz theft of Afrikan resourcez, the confiscation of Afrikan landz and relegation of Afrikanz to infertile soil, the global dehumanization of Africanz, and the brutalization, rape, torture and murder of hundredz of millionz of Afrikanz, including the prevention of the birth of all the descendantz thiz murdered individualz would have produced. It iz a genocide in progress.
— Baba Mwalimu K. Baruti


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