What happens when you put a white supremacist and the internet together? Why terrorist attacks, of course. Inspired by Charleston shooter Dylann Roof, 29-year-old by the name of Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell of Conway, South Carolina was arrested by federal agents for allegedly plotting an attack this week. Apparently he’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch–according to Huffington Post, “His plan ran into some other logistical problems along the way: his mother wouldn’t let him use her cellphone, and he had to borrow money from his grandfather to buy a weapon from the undercover FBI agent he thought was a member of the Aryan Nations.” The arrest occurred on Wednesday after he purchased a disabled Glock and hollow point ammunition from an undercover federal agent for $109. His Facebook posts and interactions with the FBI agent make it clear that Dylann Roof was a hero of sorts for him, and although the details of his plan hadn’t been fully fleshed out, his intent was to attack racial and religious minorities. I wonder if this is enough for white America to admit that white supremacy fuels terrorism far more than any other group in this country? Guess we’ll have to wait & see.




  1. I am sure there will be an even darker side to this. Almost without fail every person accused of terrorism in the US in the past few yrs was part of a black-op or a set up.
    I expect, in this case, this kid has a history of mental problems.
    If he has been on SSRIs or other mind altering substances for it he was prime for using any number of suggestive techniques used regularly in psychiatric practice.
    Remember that these techniques have been used for decades by intelligence services to program people and were developed by our illustrious psychiatric establishment.
    The other possibility, also a regular technique, is that they will use children and grandchildren of former intelligence and military people who are susceptible.
    And why the hell is the FBI setting people up. This kid, with his his felony conviction, was unlikely to have been able to purchase a firearm legally.
    No real white supremist would have been stupid enough to give this idiot a gun. It would have easily been traced back to them.
    It’s pretty obvious this kid would not hold up during any questioning. He was a wannabe and they enabled him.
    More fear mongering BS from the deep state. One more excuse for more gun control and monitoring everyone’s personal lives because “Oh my God, there might be bad people who could hurt someone.”
    When people are free to defend themselves idiots like this would be shot the minute they pulled a gun. Open carry and stand your ground laws help everyone, including a bunch of relatives and neighbors having a party.
    If only a couple of them are carrying, someone doing what this kid was kind of planning, (he didn’t really have any plan), he’d of been dead in seconds or running for his life!
    Self defense, not more laws or entrapment, is the best solution to deal with idiots.
    And I know stand your ground laws have often worked against Afirkanz but it can work for them as well especially against racist idiots.

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