JUST RELEASED: 7 Know Your Rightz Pamphletz to defend yourself…

We’re excited to introduce to you our new Know Your Rights series “No the Dejes.” There are many Know Your Rights guides floating around but we decided to make our own versions, in the Popular Education style, that can apply to many common life scenarios. We hope that you find them useful. Please read more […]

Committed to celebrating a rich and powerful heritage, culture, and community 365 days a year. SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 1, 2017

Committed to celebrating a rich and powerful heritage, culture, and community 365 days a year. SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — For nearly thirty years, African American Expressions has vowed to honor black excellence by creating products for a retail market that is constantly overlooked –The black community. Despite being one of the most influential […]

Psychological warfare in prison: Segregation is the soul breaker

by Ahjamu Baruti Note from a supporter: The article was written by a conscious-minded political prisoner and former inmate of Kinross Correctional during all the events described in “Michigan prisoners rise up,” published in the November Bay View. Ahjamu was strip searched, cuffed, locked in leg irons and shipped to Oaks Correctional in Manistee Michigan […]

What happened at Vaughn prison?

At Vaughn prison and elsewhere, we should demand transparency and stand with the inmates who dare to affirm their humanity. by Heather Ann Thompson On Feb. 1, scores of men in Delaware’s largest prison, the Vaughn Correctional Center, took over one of the buildings in their facility. The prison, built in 1971 and known for […]

On death row, art iz a way to win heartz and mindz

by Sharon Verghis Tyrone Chalmers started drawing at age 8. “Art shadows me everywhere I go in life … my best work comes from within my dreams.” Chalmers is a passionate and committed artist. He is also a convicted murderer on death row. In handwritten letters to Guardian Australia sent from Unit 2 at Riverbend […]

Ida B. Wellz-Barnett, ‘Iola,’ princezz of the prezz and feminist crusader for equality and justice

by Kiilu Nyasha A tireless champion of her people, Ida B. Wells was the first of eight children born to Jim and Elizabeth Wells in Mississippi in 1862, six months before chattel slavery was ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. Her parents, who had been slaves, were able to support their children because Elizabeth was an […]

43 Yearz & Still In

by Herman Bell 43 YEARS AND STILL IN I’ve lived in this cell longer than I’ve lived on the streets.  Its metal locker where I keep my food from the mice, the toilet and face bowl, the bed, the floor, the cell bars and metal clothes rack all have come to know some part of […]