Lynne Stewart in dire health

Only a few years ago, Lynne Stewart was serving a ten-year sentence on bogus ‘material support for terrorism’ charges. From behind the prison walls, she extended her solidarity to the Anit-War 23, investigated under the same material support statute.

She wrote, “Our principle of non-collaboration has so far proved robust. There has been no wavering. Our support must continue to convince everyone involved that these are issues of principle. There can be no compromise. Resisters must be defended to the utmost of our strength and abilities.”

A tireless campaign, led by her husband, Ralph Poynter, won Lynne’s freedom on December 31, 2013. Since then, she has waged a dual fight against her cancer, and the injustice that plagues our world. She has continued to support the Anti-War 23, and spoken out in defense of Rasmea Odeh.

This week, Lynne’s health has taken a terrible turn. According to a statement by those close to her, “Our beloved People’s Champion Lynne Stewart suffered a major stroke, the latest complication from the cancer that has now spread throughout her body and invaded her brain. She is resting comfortably at home, but can only speak sporadically. Her doctor has said she does not have much time left.”

Stewart is surrounded by loved ones, and they have launched an emergency fundraising campaign to assist with her on-going personal needs. We encourage friends of CSFR to stand with Lynne for this final journey – click here to send a donation.


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