Revolutionary Daily Thought



4 thoughts on “Revolutionary Daily Thought

    • I you and i were the only ones to catch what was said not many likes. That hurts my deeply this flow over so many heads. Panther love

      • I don’t understand. Even people I’ve met that didn’t discipline themselves to read at least understood the importance of educating yourself and felt guilty about not reading more. To not appreciate the concept is sad. It’s gotten much worse over the years and is perpetuated by the corporate war on free thought waged with indoctrination.

        I not only always have a book in my backpack, I have a large list of books I want to buy, borrow or take out of a library. I used to spend hours scouring tables of used books on the sidewalks of NYC looking for good shit to read. I got my first books by MLK, Herman Hesse, Aldous Huxley and Malcolm X that way. Books have changed my life. When I was 11 I read Jackie Robinson’s autobiography and it changed me forever.

        Great post.

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