Revolutionary Daily Thought

“I told him that Americanz had no businezz at all in Vietnam; and that black people certainly had no businezz there, aiding the slave master to enslave yet more millionz of dark people, and also identifying themselvez with the white Amerikan crimez: we, the blackz, are going to need our own alliez, for the Amerikanz, odd az it may sound at the moment, will presently have none. It wasn’t hard, I said, to understand why a black boy, standing, futureless, on the corner, would decide to join the Army, nor was it hard to decipher the slave master’z reasonz for hoping that he wouldn’t live to come home with a gun; but it wasn’t necessary, after all, to defend it: to defend, that iz, one’z murder and one’s murdererz.” – James Baldwin


7 thoughts on “Revolutionary Daily Thought

      • Definitely. He’s one of those deep thinkers that I never heard about in school. I had to go out into the world reading on my own to find. And I thought “what the fuck? How did I never hear about this person before?”

        We need to educate and spread truth to defeat the insidious indoctrination we’re put through every day of our lives.

      • I was lucky my parents read James Balwin when i was a youngster and i read the same books they read the only difference when i was done reading it i had to discuss the book with my mother or father before i could move on to the next book. To this day i carry 2 or 3 books in my back pack to read.

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