A just rage

Black people are quickly labeled racist any time we raise our voice against white supremacy. It is racism fighting back. It is meant to silence us. We should not openly express what we feel and know. As Black people we should not own our experiences and history. No. We are instead supposed to become complicit in our oppression by attributing our suffering to everything else except white supremacy.


It is an easy insult

Black people questioning our oppression by White people are racist

We should not speak about our oppression

We are not supposed to accuse anyone

Or we will be labeled racist

By the racists themselves

We are supposed to be silent

To suffer in silence

To endure our suffering only as dictated by our enemy

In a way that does not annoy our oppressor

We are supposed to be nice to our enemy

Or they will call us racist

It’s a threat



For how long?

They talk of post-racism

We are supposed to be blind to colour

We who live with White Supremacy

We who are the longest survivors of racism


We know colour

We are Black people

Not White people

We Black people cannot be racist

We have never been racist


Racism is hatred of Black people by White people


Ok, tell me: How and where have White people suffered racism?



We were enslaved by White people because we are Black

We never enslaved any White people

We were colonised by White people because we are Black

We never colonised any White people

Our lands, minerals, waters, fishes are stolen by White people

Because we are Black

We never stole anything from White people

That’s our history

That’s the root of Black rage

A just rage!

source: A just rage


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