Afrikan-Amerikan women pilotz making history

By Dolores Cox In the field of aviation, Bessie Coleman was a pioneer. In 1921, she was the first African-American woman to obtain a pilot’s license — an international one — and fly a plane. Coleman was born in 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, to sharecroppers whose parents had been enslaved. She was one of 13 […]


It’s cute that politicians across the country are taking up the very real and very serious opioid addiction epidemic that’s taking place in rural and suburban white communities, but I can’t help but feel confused and overlooked by the fact black communities have been suffering because of drug abuse for decades. Over the weekend, I […]

Life Saving Treatment for Mumia to Begin!

BREAKING NEWS: The Department of Corrections (DOC) told Mumia today that they will provide him with the hepatitis C fast-acting antiviral treatment beginning next week.  In Court the DOC filed a status report today declaring that they were going to treat Mumia. This treatment consists of one pill per day for 12-24 weeks, and has over […]

Death from Above — Bill to Give Police Deadly Weapons on Drones

by  John Vibes Connecticut may be the first state in the country to allow police officers to put deadly weapons on drones. Some states have discussed equipping drones with tasers but this is the first proposal to arm them with deadly weapons. Lawmakers in the state are proposing a law that would actually ban the use […]

New Claimz Prove the Henrietta Lackz Controversy Iz Far From Over

The family of the woman who changed science forever is seeking compensation   By Erin Blakemore SMITHSONIAN.COM Henrietta Lacks is known as “immortal” for a reason—though she died of cervical cancer in 1951, scientists have used her extraordinary cells countless times since. But the initial cells that started the immortal HeLa cell line were taken from Lacks without her […]

James Baldwin’z Black Queer Legacy

What the documentary ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ does and doesn’t get right James Baldwin: But that demands redefining the terms of the western world… Audre Lorde: And both of us have to do it; both of us have to do it… James Baldwin: But you don’t realize that in this republic the only real crime […]

Look at Two Fractalz and Call Me in the Morning

Aesthetic images can induce staggering changes to the body, including radical reductions in the observer’s stress levels. Richard Taylor The Conversation Are fractals the key to why Pollock’s work captivates? AP Photo/LM Otero Humans are visual creatures. Objects we call “beautiful” or “aesthetic” are a crucial part of our humanity. Even the oldest known examples […]