Congratulations to our wonderful lawyers, Bret Grote and Bob Boyle, to our super doctor, Joseph Harris, and most especially to our amazing international movement which has hung in there for more than two years to insist that Mumia get the treatment he needs.  The DOC and the Governor stonewalled our charges for these two years, refused to meet with us, denied that Mumia needed this treatment, wouldn’t provide it,  but in the end was forced by our non-stop pressure and actions to concede:  Mumia is going to get the treatment at last, though now with a more serious health condition, and thousands of other prisoners will be able to use this precedent to demand treatment for themselves as well.  Ona Move! … and onto April 24th in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas to overturn Mumia’s conviction!  Mumia will be released!
Suzanne Ross,
International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Dear all:

We had the conference and basically got what we asked for even if not everything we asked for.  The Judge issued an order set forth below.  The upshot is that treatment will begin tomorrow, April 6.  DOC must file something with the Court by April 10 confirming that it has begun, although counsel agreed to email Bret and I tomorrow to confirm it has begun..  They have also been ordered to communicate with us and provide updates on treatment including medical records as it goes along.  The Judge was reluctant to get involved with day to day supervision so he ordered them to communicate with us.
While the period of treatment is 12 weeks, part of the treatment is testing 12 weeks after the treatment with the drug ends. So incorporated in the order is the requirement for the follow up testing.  One final thing: while the Judge dismissed as moot the DOC’s post-decision motions our motion to hold them in contempt remains but will not be adjudicated until after treatment is completed.  This is an additional impetus for them to do the right thing.
Bob and Bret
ORDER 1. In accordance with the Court’s prior Order, (Doc. 23), granting preliminary injunctive relief for the Plaintiff, Plaintiff will be administered the direct-acting antiviral agent Harvoni beginning Thursday, April 6, 2017, and that such treatment will continue for aperiod of twelve consecutive weeks; 2. DOC counsel will file with the Court no later than Monday, April 10, 2017, confirmation that the Plaintiffs treatment with Harvoni has commenced; 3. Plaintiff will be tested to confirm the efficaciousness of the treatment, which test will be administered twelve weeks after the completion after the twelve week period during which the Plaintiff will be administered Harvoni. 4.Counsel for the DOC Defendants will regularly communicate with Plaintiffs counsel for the purpose of advising them as to the progress of the Plaintiffs treatment and to respond to any requests for information regarding that treatment. 5. Defendants’ Motion to Amend Finding of Facts or in the Alternative for Reconsideration, (Doc. 29), is DISMISSED AS MOOT. 6. DOC Defendants’ Motion to Stay the preliminary injunction, (Doc. 30), isDISMISSED AS MOOT. 7. Correct Care Solutions’ Motion to Stay the preliminary injunction, (Doc. 36), is DISMISSED AS MOOT. 8. Plaintiffs Motion to Amend/Correct, (Doc. 38), is DISMISSED AS MOOT. 9. Plaintiffs Motion for Contempt, (Doc. 53), will be held in abeyance pending confirmation of completion of Plaintiffs treatment with Harvoni as outline herein.Signed by Honorable Robert D. Mariani on 4/5/17 (jfg)

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