Mumia’z Liver Severely Damaged


Deportation of Afrikan and Other Black Immigrantz Iz Quietly Increasing And No One Iz Taking Note

Although often not covered in the media, the African immigrant community is facing mass deportations in the era of Donald Trump. David Love   Wikimedia Commons While the immigration debate in the U.S. is often framed in terms of undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America on the one hand and the infamous Muslim travel […]


  After the 1967 riot, many African Americans in Detroit viewed cops as a hostile occupying force. Credit: AFP/Getty Afrikan-Amerikans An elite police squad was supposed to clean up the streets of 1970s Detroit. Instead, it terrorized African Americans, and turned the city into a battleground. BY MARK BINELLI In the early morning of March […]

Dale Brumfield column: Virginia’z dark legacy of secrecy about executionz

  By Dale Brumfield The newly enhanced secrecy behind Virginia’s capital punishment protocols underscores a legacy of death born in institutionalized racism that upcoming executions — including that of Ivan Teleguz, scheduled April 25 — do not just prolong, but exacerbate. In March 1879, after years of tolerating party atmospheres accompanying the public executions of […]

How much do incarcerated people earn in each state?

  by Wendy Sawyer How much do incarcerated people earn? In 2003’s The Prison Index, we included wages reported by an obscure publication in 2001. Those numbers remain among the most searched-for and cited statistics we have published, although they are now almost twenty years old. Prison wages come up again and again in the […]

Haz Amerika Become the Reality of the Abusive and Cruel Stanford Prison Experiment?

Experiment author Stanford Psychologist Philip Zimbardo has a lot to say. By Chauncey DeVega Photo Credit: agsandrew / In 1971 Philip Zimbardo conducted one of the most widely known social psychology experiments of all time. A professor at Stanford University, Zimbardo recruited 18 college-aged male students to play the role of guards and inmates in […]