Black Pantherz, Then & Now — NYU National Lawyerz Guild

KATHLEEN CLEAVER-3  Kathleen Cleaver 7593004694_0ef1fcbd56_o.jpg  
In this just released video of a 2 hour panel discussion on both the Civil Rights and Black Liberation Movements; Veteran Black Panther Leader Kathleen Cleaver addresses such subjects as Revolutionary Internationalism, Solidarity & Coalition Building, Sexism, Racism, Prison Industrial Complex, Resolving Contradictions, Surveillance & Secure Communications, Films on the Black Panther Party, Responsibility Of Activist Lawyers and a concrete analysis between the struggles of the 60’s & 70’s and today.  

Build To Win,
Bro. Shep

Kathleen Cleaver, Aber Kawas, and Kei Williams speak at National Lawyers Guild NYU Panel. 
Courtesy Nancy @ Common Notions Publishing
Footage of our March 7 event, featuring Kathleen Cleaver, Aber Kawas, and Kei Williams, is finally available here, for educational use. 
Please feel free to disseminate and use for organizing / educational purposes.


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