Planted Weaponz and Stolen Property: Mounting Retribution for Continued Exposurez of Abusez in Texaz Prisonz (2017)

By Kevin “Rashid” Johnson When Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, then a prisoner in Virginia, burst into California politics with his hunger strike logo in 2011, he was recognized by the earlier self-portrait. Largely because of his influence in California, the Virginia authorities punished him by sending him to prison in Oregon, the only state whose original […]

April 19, 2017 – “Resist Black Genocide” Wednesday, April 19, 6pm, Timez Square 46 St & 7 Ave, (by the stairz) Resist Black Genocide–Rally & March Public · Hosted by NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew #blacklivesmatter and Peoples Power Assemblies Resist Black Genocide -April 19th Day of Resistance  All night, all day Doing this for Freddie Gray Fists up to the sky We’re doing this for Akai * April 19th 2 years ago Freddie Gray […]

U.S. Politikal Prisonerz Face De Facto Life Sentencez Without Parole

Anne Lamb, a Jericho Movement co-chair in New York City, is gearing up for the Millions for Prisoner Human Rights March, August 19, in Washington; demonstrations in support of Mumia Abu Jamal, in Philadelphia, on April 24; and the decades-long effort to free former Black Liberation Army member Jalil Muntaqim, formerly known as Anthony Bottoms, […]

Elaine, Arkansas Riot (1919)

African Americans Indicted For Participating in the Elaine, Arkansas Riot “Image Ownership: Public Domain”   On the night of September 30, 1919, approximately 100 African Americans, mostly sharecroppers on the plantations of white landowners, attended a meeting of the Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America at a church. They hoped to organize to obtain […]