4th World Radyo: Satan is a Pimp and Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You: Europocentric Perception Management, Racist Magick Tricks and Ethnic Self-Colonialism

APNS Public Radyo

ixquick-proxy-com_2016-12-24_17-03-12Summary: TheAngryindian looks at the role of what is termed ‘Perception Management’ by those who create propaganda for the mainstream population. Few people realise, or are willing to accept/admit that covert, or subliminal messaging is a standard factor of modern advertising and other public service industries and that the same dynamics behind advertising lie behind ‘Fake News’ and ‘Moral Panics’ like the false #Pizzagate controversy which recently lead to civil disorder in the nation’s capitol. We should all be asking questions since the Eurosettler perpetrator is still alive, after opening fire in a crowded restaurant during his ‘independent investigation’ of the (supposed) Satanic sexual abuses taking place under the direction of the US Democratic Party in the United States. This single example only serves to show how highly gullible conservatives have begun looking back towards the early 1980’s and the nonsensical Satanic Panic freak-out by evangelical neo-conservative Republicans in…

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