SAVE THE DATE: “Standing Strong 4 Justice” ~ A Pre~Motherz Day Gathering By Family Victimz of Police Violence, ICE Raidz & NYPD Gang Unit Task Force

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Motherhood: “Standing Strong 4 Justice”

A Pre~Mothers Day Gathering By Family Victims of Police Violence, ICE Raids & the NYPD Gang Unit Task Force


When:  Saturday, May 13, 2017
Where: Hostos Community College – Bronx, NY
Time:    2 pm – 6 pm
Room:  TBA

Directions: #4, #5 or #2 trains to Bronx 149th Street/Grand Concourse Station Stop


About the Gathering:
Mothers who have been directly impacted by the ongoing so called ‘youth gang’ and ICE Raids, have begun connecting with mothers who have lost their loved ones due to police violence are working together to build a support network.  This gathering will bring families and community activists together to plan a coordinated response to police enforced xenophobia, and gentrification. Many of the families who will speak at this conference have been personally impacted by the prison industrial complex and or are directly impacted by police violence.

Members from “Mothers For Justice” and “Parents Against Police Brutality” will lead this process at the pre-Mothers Day gathering in order for the mothers themselves to meet each other, create their own support network and to deliver their own “wish list” to all of the social justice organizations & community activists who will be in attendance.


Additionally, Mothers from New Jersey who have lost loved ones from police violence and Mothers whose loved ones still remain captured as Political Prisoners will be in attendance as well.


Contact Information:
Bro. Shep (347) 784-8936 or



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