White Scientist Sayz The Black Community Iz Being Targeted By The Medical System, They Are Deliberately Being Poisoned [Video]

White Scientist Says The Black Community Is Being Targeted By The Medical System, They Are Deliberatly Being Poisoned [Video]

A scientist who goes by the name Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger has broken the cardinal rule when it comes to snitching.  He is literally exposing white America paticularly and the hate they have for black America today.

You think blacks are killing blacks because they just hate each other?  No, they are being poisoned and mentally poisoned be angry and hate each other.  In certain demographics most often impoverished black neighborhoods, blacks are being misdiagnosed with all types of disease and are literally being treated with toxic treatments.

The lead in Flint Michigan was deliberately put in the water supply with a massive cover up, the lead is developmentally damaging to the human brain,  toxic, poisonous to the body and the central nervous system.

The Washington DC water supply was also poisoned, this area is predominantly black as well.

The vaccine for the autism cover up was deliberately given to black children specifically black boys and was admitted by a CDC Scientist known as Dr. William Thompson; he confessed to it on naturalnews .com.  He said he and other scientists covered up scientific evidence that showed that the Vaccines caused autism.

Mike Adams goes on to talk about the cancer industry specifically in Detroit.  He says doctors were misdiagnosing black people claiming they had cancer and put them on high doses of chemotherapy when in fact they never had cancer at all.

Black people were targeted because they know that when  blacks have cancer, it’s more of aggressive due to their skin color which blocks natural ultra violet light from the sun thus making blacks vitamin D deficient and more prone to dying of cancer as a result they are more lucrative to the cancer industry.

They set up cancer screenings in black neighborhoods, falsely diagnose and then treat the patients with an aggressive form of chemotherapy and milk the insurance companies for money.

He goes on to say there is a racial genocidal overlay to the medical system, and it targets black people.



Check out the video below:




One thought on “White Scientist Sayz The Black Community Iz Being Targeted By The Medical System, They Are Deliberately Being Poisoned [Video]

  1. This is still going on:
    And it´s expanded!
    „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“ http://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/ebola-pandoras-box-opened-since-long/
    “US Power Elite Declared Bio War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/us-power-elite-declared-war-on-the-southern-hemisphere-east-asia-and-all-non-western-countries-in-september-2000/
    Weekend regards

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