Revolutionary Daily Thought

“It is the poor people who have no hospitals and are therefore exposed to exorbitant charges by private doctors” – Steve Biko


5 thoughts on “Revolutionary Daily Thought

  1. That private doctors don’t take MediCal, etc., in the hood baffles me. Why do I have to go to a hospital over 100 miles away? Expensive ambulance. Oh, it’s crazy!

      • To be honest, I don’t think many people in the U.S. were that concerned about him – just the actual white supremacists, but de Klerc & P.W. Botha had lived their entire lives with a small amount of armed white people controlling the majority through vicious oppression economically, brutal police tactics and control in general. They had everything to lose by allowing majority rule. When they started nuclear weapons testing, the U.S. leaders weren’t happy about it. I also remember (I was always politically aware), a little while after Biko was murdered in police custody the U.N. put a ban on weapons sales to South Africa and the U.S. “suggested” they start giving thinking about democracy.

        Of course, if they really cared they could have been more forceful, but most people here supported a complete change in government there. Having said that, Dick “Satan” Cheney (and others) actually fought AGAINST that change. Of course, he’s a real piece of shit among pieces of shit.

        In general, the (mostly white) rulers fear intelligent and charismatic Black people like Biko, Malcolm X, MLK, Jackie Robinson, Marcus Garvey, James Baldwin…

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