Girl, 6, Creates Coloring Books to Promote Black Indigenous Culture

  • “The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae” is the first in a series exploring Black culture.

    “The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae” is the first in a series exploring Black culture. | Photo:

    It will serve as an alternative for young children to learn about missing histories.

    An entertaining but educational coloring book, that’s the idea from a 6 year old to help other children learn about Black Indigenous culture around the world.

    “The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae,” created by Vanae James-Bey and her mother, Veronica Bey, explores the histories of native-born Black people in Africa and America.

    “Our family has indigenous American roots that we are in touch with and it’s always been important for them to know and understand that,” Bey explained.  “More importantly, because we have friends whose children go to public schools and are taught that Native Americans are extinct or are only taught about slavery as black history, I didn’t want that to be my children’s introduction to their history.”

    Being educated at home, Vanae was exposed to tons of documentaries and books. It also provided her with all the necessary tools to put the book together.

    To make the book, Vanae researched about different cultures with her uncle Johnathan Ellerbee. Then Ellerbee drew the first sketched illustrations of her niece wearing indigenous jewelry and clothing. At last, artist Johanne Immis helped finalize the images and give them a more digital look.

    “I’m glad to share it with everyone,” Vanae said

    She hopes children will enjoy learning and being creative by using this book because “it will teach that Black history is from all different countries.”

    The 20-page book went on sale on March 31. It had received many positive reactions and orders from Australia and Netherland.

    Vanae now has more ideas in the works, including some focused on young boys, her mother said. They also want to include more Black culture from different countries.

    “We plan on making more volumes because we couldn’t fit all cultures into one,” Bey said. “Fiction books [are also on the way]. Wherever black people are in the word as a distinct culture, we plan to explore them all.”

    source: Girl, 6, Creates Coloring Books to Promote Black Indigenous Culture


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