Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom

“My son, the Holy Church is on the right,
but Jesus Christ was always on the left.” 

-Isabel Allende 

Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom explores the conceptual framework of “liberation theology” — a branch of Theology developed by Catholics and Christians looking to examine the church’s role in society, to address the socio-political and economic realities of the oppressed.

We will examine why Liberation Theology, with its focus on political activism and resistance, is resonating with communities hungry for social justice during these trying times.

Special thanks to Prison Radio, Rev. Sekou & the Holy Ghost – We Comin’  for allowing us to include their song.

Image: “Cristo de la Liberacion” (Christ of the Liberation) by Maximino Cerezo Barredo, who’s been dubbed “liberation painter.”


  • Pastor Michael McBride 
  • Reverend Cheryl Denise Ward
  • Reverend John Helmiere
  • Mumia Abu-Jamal

    and more…


source: Liberation Theology: A March to Freedom 



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