Watch Former PPOWs Sekou Odinga’s and Oscar Lopez Rivera’s Speeches at the Left Forum

Sekou’s speech starts at 51:25 on the video and he is immediately followed by Oscar.


Streaming live from Left Forum 2017 in NYC. Please share this livestream to Facebook.

Also tune in for Session 1, Saturday 10 AM:
Deep State 2.0: Against Anti-Semitism, but Critical of Zionism

Friday Opening Plenary: Challenging State Repression

As crony capitalists and corporate behemoths work to suck the last iota of profits and resources from a planet in crisis, they make intensified use of strategies like border walls, militarized policing, surveillance, incarceration, deportation, and the racism that garners support for them, to repress and re-channel dissent. But today we also see the rise of movements that challenge these repressive institutions and discourses, linking them with the exploitation they enable and with racial, gender, and class politics at home. Join us as we explore these obstacles, as well as, the movements and strategies that have been employed to challenge them.


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