Our Statement in Support of Oscar Lopez Rivera

The Monarchy of Materialism: Understanding White Fragility

by Sonia Calista In my frustratingly liberal Ivy League classroom, I raised my hand. My professor, a former editor in the New York Times, had opened class by saying that people are misguided in fearing Trump; most of his anti-immigration orders will be shot down by the courts. I told her, calmly, that the fear […]

Five Songs Of Resistance: Nina Simone

  Damien Mitchell’s Nina Simone, Bushwick, Brooklyn (Photo by Shawn Hoke) “Give me my equality,” sang the genius Nina Simone in 1963, looking racist America straight in the eye. Singer, songwriter, pianist, and activist, Simone’s work was radical and revolutionary. Musically, Simone was brilliantly innovative, drawing from her classical piano training, her experiences working in […]