Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold [FULL MIXTAPE / ALBUM]

01. Intro
02. House Of Flying Daggers
03. When The Fat Lady Sings
04. Collector’s Material
05. Special Delivery
06. Last Call
07. P.L.O. Style
08. The Wind Cries Mary
09. The Experience
10. I Don’t Live Today
11. 10 Bricks
12. Star Spangled Banner listen download
13. Hey Joe
14. Tooken Back
15. It’s Not A Game
16. The Switch Up
17. KFF2000
18. Kiss The Sky
19. Dirty Fox
20. Holla
21. I Can’t Wait
22. Summin’ Gotz To Give
23. Street Rap
24. Burning The Midnight Lamp
25. What’s Happenin’
26. The Hood


2 thoughts on “Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold [FULL MIXTAPE / ALBUM]

    • It is a blacktastic mix-tape that Wu-tang could no just have put together in a couple of weeks,it took some serious thought and then a love for Jimi and what he could do with a guitar. Now this would have been sweet if Wu-tang could have worked Changes with Billie Cox on the drums. It’s st8 fire anyhow…
      For damn sure if Jimi would not have passed at such a young age I can just imagine over some hip hop beats. glad u enjoyed the compilation.

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