VPNs Keep You Safe Online

We’re so accustomed to the idea of our data traveling over the air via Wi-Fi that we’ve stopped thinking about just who else might be seeing that data. Public Wi-Fi networks, for example, are commonplace and offer great convenience, but they are also excellent avenues for attackers looking to seize your personal information. When even […]

Nina Simone on Time

A meditation on the one dimension of human existence that “goes past all racial conflict and all kinds of conflicts.” BY MARIA POPOVA   “If our heart were large enough to love life in all its detail, we would see that every instant is at once a giver and a plunderer,” wrote the French philosopher […]


VIA ARCADE MEMOS ON “ALIASES,” SEXUALITY, AND THE BLOOD COUNTERS By William J. Maxwell   Baldwin and His “Aliases” June 1964 Baldwin was “Jimmy” to most of his friends and to himself as well when he meditated on the various aspects of his personality. The numerous “strangers called Jimmy Baldwin,” he observed of his own diversity, included […]

6 PM TONIGHT: Support Family, Spread Word & Demand Justice for Shantel Davis on the 5th Year Anniversary of her being Murdered By The NYPD in Brooklyn

TONIGHT: Please Come Support The Family, Spread The Word & Help To Demand Justice for Shantel Davis on the 5th Year Anniversary of her being… Murdered By The NYPD in Brooklyn. Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 6:00 PM – Gather with the Family: 6:00 pm @ Church Ave & East 38th St, East Flatbush, Brooklyn – Evening Program: 7:00 pm @ Mt. […]

Lynching in Amerika

This week, we launched Lynching in America, a new interactive website we created in partnership with Google. This site brings together EJI’s extensive research and resulting data with the stories of lynching victims, as told by their descendants. Through six audio stories and a short documentary, Uprooted, visitors both hear and feel the impact of this dark time […]

The Thrilling Tale of How Robert Smalls Seized a Confederate Ship and Sailed it to Freedom

He risked his life to liberate his family and became a legend in the process The only way Robert Smalls could ensure that his family would stay together was to escape. (St. Martin’s Press) By Cate Lineberry  Darkness still blanketed the city of Charleston in the early hours of May 13, 1862, as a light […]