Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March



The March

iamWE Prison Advocacy Network is forever humbled to be hosting the upcoming March on Washington DC.

We would like to add a few updated details about this event.

Date:Saturday August 19th
Time: 11:30am-12:00pm March
12:00pm- 5:00pm Rally
Location: White House (Lafayette Park)
Pennsylvania Ave NW & 16th Street
Northwest, Washington, DC 20001

We can confirm that the location has been moved from the National Mall area, to the front area of the White House.  The speakers stage will be set up in Lafayette Park. Many of the prisoners that called  for this demonstration from behind the wall, are excited about this change in location. Particularly due to the symbolism of the White House and those racist/fascist mind sets that currently occupy that seat of power. 

There will be an actual March taking place, proceeding the rally, beginning at 11:30 am. The details of the March route are still being finalized and will be made public in the coming weeks. 

We have a number  of dynamic and diverse selection of speakers already approved by the National MPOC Committee  and voices from behind the wall. We want to ensure that those attending the March will have a powerful and memorable experience. A list of speakers will be forthcoming. 

This is a People Power Movement.  We are 100% grassroots.  We are not sponsored by any donors. Many associated costs for this event have come from the organizers pockets personally. We would like to request for any person(s) or organization(s) to help facilitate,  donate,  or loan the following:
1. A large stage
2. Sound equipment
3. Lighting and big screens

                                                         Millions For Prisoners Human Rights Core demands for Action:
A)  We DEMAND the 13th amendment ENSLAVEMENT CLAUSE of the United States Constitution be amended to abolish LEGALIZED slavery in America.
B)  We DEMAND a Congressional hearing on the 13th Amendment ENSLAVEMENT CLAUSE being recognized as in violation of international law, the general principles of human rights and its direct links to:

  1. Private entities exploiting prison labor
  2. Companies overcharging prisoners for goods and services
  3. Private entities contracted by states/federal government to build and operate prisons. This would also include immigration detentions
  4. Racial disparities in America’s prison population and sentencing
  5. Policing: the disproportionate (unaccountable) killings by police in the black and brown communities
  6. Felony Disenfranchisement laws
  7. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 34,000 detention quotas
  8. Producing the world largest prison population

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