Juneteenth: A Celebration and Commitment to Fight for Liberation


Fri. June 23rd at 7:30 PM
2936 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles

More than 150 years ago the 13th amendment, although not all at once, broke the shackles of slavery that clutched at the ankles of Black people. Since then, June 19th has rightfully been a cause for celebration, inspiring numerous festivals and parades around the country that commemorate the day the very last slaves were emancipated in the United States. However, the past and present has shown us that the end of chattel slavery was not enough to truly free the masses of Black people and the struggle for liberation continues. Mass incarceration, police terror and white supremacy continue to bind the Black community. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for a public forum featuring an analysis and discussion of the significance of Juneteenth, it’s motivation to continue the struggle for Black liberation, and why victory must be won on through the death of capitalism.

Last week in Miami, the commander-in-chump of the United States made an appearance before a group of anti-Castro Cuban exiles. There he withdrew parts of Obama’s meager attempt to normalize U.S. relations with Cuba by restricting Americans from traveling to Cuba. His reasoning was baseless: a vague reference to human rights violations and the need to ”put an end to the abuse of dissidents, release the political prisoners, stop [the] jailing innocent people”. These counterfeit concerns stand in direct contradiction to the U.S. atrocities committed in Guantanamo Bay and the acquittal of yet another cop who murdered a Black man. The latter notably occurred on the very day Trump gave his speech.

Last year, the police murder of Philando Castile one day after that of Alton Sterling resulted in nationwide outcry in the form of massive street demonstrations. The recent acquittal of his shameless murderer has sparked the streets in Minnesota and prompted many to question whether this cycle will ever end. Come and hear about the ongoing struggle to eliminate police terror, it’s ties to capitalism, and the alternative system that can hold law enforcement accountable.

Red/Purple line to Wilshire/Vermont. Limited parking on 8th/Westmoreland.


2 thoughts on “Juneteenth: A Celebration and Commitment to Fight for Liberation

  1. Too bad all these socialist parties, I’ll just refer to US for now, can’t get their shit together into one big socialist party. I just joined DSA and so no reason for this other than divide & conquer. Socialists need a party that can encompass the many existing socialist party points of view. The split of socialists parties can and must be resolved by a commitment to genuinely democratic principles applied to structure. When I speak of democratic principles I mean more than electing representatives and delegates & officers. Have you ever read CLR James’s Every cook can govern https://www.marxists.org/archive/james-clr/works/1956/06/every-cook.htm ? I’d like to know what you think about it.

    • No i had not read ” CLR James’s Every cook can govern”. A great piece of work by Mr. James but in my opinion there can never just be one party for the fact that as human beings we are always not going to always agree on the same thing.

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