Assata Shakur: She who struggles

by Jabari Scott Meet a sista, comrade, soldier, warrior, guerrilla who exemplifies the meaning of revolution through the life that she lives, transforming from the day of her birth to this present day. Born with the slave name JoAnne Deborah Byron, after her emancipation from the shackles of capitalism she took on the name we’re […]

An introduction to the Peoples Prison Defense Committee

by Joshua Hatch I’ve been actively working on the blueprint and inner working of a nonprofit, The Peoples Prison Defense Committee, which will be a wing of or in partnership with George Jackson University. PPDC is a grassroots non-profit organization whose primary mission is rooted in prison and parole oversight. Through information, direction, providing of […]

Baba Jahahara: Black August 2017

If Black lives truly matter … then Afrikans deserve reparations! by Jahahara Amen-RA Alkebulan-Maat  Greetings of IMANI (FAITH) Esteemed G-o-ds, May our Divine Creator of and in All – and Beloved Ancestors from yesteryear and yesterday – find you and (y)our extended Family in healing Spirit. Jambo (Welcome) to Black August! In this (and every) […]

Black August statement 2017

by Kamau M. Askari Black August Memorial (BAM) is our socialist oriented institution that was developed out of the special need for New Afrikan (Black) people in Amerika to implement our own ways and means to commemorate the selfless sacrifices and deeds rendered by many New Afrikan (Black) heroes and sheroes – exposing to the […]

Black August: Celebrating Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey; August 17, 1887 – June 10, 1940   This article is part of a special Black August series on We encourage all our readers to help launch Black Power 96.3 FM during their Black August Fund Drive. Support radio in the hands of the African community! Donate today at Each August, growing […]

See you all soon

I thought i would be able to post from Vegas but have been having fun and spending time with family sightseeing, hanging out and eating good as hell. things will be back to normal on August 10. Keep the fires burning and the revolutionary love flowing. Panther love

LargeUp Mix Series: Lion Twin’s “Trinidad Roots” Mixtape

Cover Photo by Raya Charles/Raya Media For this month’s installment of the LargeUp Mix Series, we return to Trinidad & Tobago for what is, to our knowledge, the first mix to focus exclusively on the twin-island republic’s roots reggae scene. You know about T&T soca, calypso and pan, but what about T&T reggae? Selectors Asfa and Yakub Charles out of Lion Twin, […]

Kreyol Chronicles: Surf Haiti with the Boys of Kabic Beach

Words by Jesse Serwer Photos by Christopher L. Mitchell Model: Sara Charles Kabic is Haiti’s first and, thus far, only surf community. On a typical afternoon, you might find a dozen or so local boys and young men riding the swells at this picturesque, banana tree-lined beach east of Jacmel, on the country’s southern coast. […]

“FRAMED” Chapter 3 by Michael Richardson

Adam’s Note: This is Chapter 3 in a series for called Framed: J. Edgar Hoover, COINTELPRO and the Omaha Two Story. It was written by  Michael Richardson. Learn more here. “What were we but strangers to the land where we were born…” —Mondo we Langa, “From the Ancestor’s House”   David Lewis Andrew Rice was born in Omaha, […]