If Whites Want to Segregate, Dammit Let’em

They constantly, decade after decade, century after century, threaten to separate from Blacks or pass laws to oppress us as if we are suppose to shiver in fear or they are hurting our feelings. The only feelings of Black folks they are hurting are the Black folks who love massa. Most Blacks do not give a damn what white folks do, just so long as they leave us the hell alone.

Move into the suburbs away from Blacks, have your own schools and parks, swimming pools and grocery stores; who in the hell cares. But if and when we start our own and develop our communities, stay away. Go to the moon or Mars and live, build your underground bunkers for the days of the apocalypse, stock-pile your militia and arm your children, all that is fine with Black America; but when we do the same to defend against your barbarianism, do not be alarmed.

They think that Blacks cannot live without them and that we would not survive without their so-called ingenuity. They believe that what they bring to the table of society no other people can live without, that is all BS. They want us to plead and beg for equal rights and fair treatment so we can live like them and go to school with them and live next to them. Excuse me, but the House Negros died out after the Civil Rights Movement.

So brothers and sisters, when you read a headline that says a white judge approves school segregation or Civil Rights laws are under attack or that Hollywood disenfranchises Blacks and are stingy with their fake awards, so f**king what, rejoice all the more because that means we are naturally unlike them and are finally differentiating ourselves from them once and possibly for all.

Most folks do not ride the bus anymore; we can run our own restaurants, we can build our own houses, we can farm, we are capable of trading stocks, we have guns, we can police ourselves, educate and entertain ourselves; we understand medicine, the law and science. We do not need white folks. We are better able to relate to other cultures and religions; we can speak other languages, make deals, travel, negotiate, and most of all make peace with other countries. We do not need them. We can leave the NBA, NFL, and all other sports they love to watch us do. We can master the games, perfect our trades, and grow our futures.

See, white folks thrive on our fears of not being like them so they fabricate lifestyles that they want us to aspire to; but why do we want to bring ourselves to the brink of destruction like they have? Why do we want our children with murderous minds and on drugs, our families highly dysfunctional and our leaders corrupted by filthy money and greed? Why do we want the right to be gay, or to produce porn, practice pedophilia, or to inhumanely treat others’ to hard labor, or have the right to vote for a system that is full of corrupt leaders, liars and conmen? Why do we aspire to that foolery?

Do we really want to live in a community that we are not free to walk down the street? Do we really want to shop at a store where we are stalked like animals, and do we really want to go to schools that lie about our history and culture? Hell no. Do we really want to live in a society and around people who have trigger-happy fingers for murder of innocent people? No. Do we really want to go overseas and fight and kill a culture that live life to survive and are subject day to day to American colonialism? Hell no!

So F**k the white man and his twisted definitions of equality; let them have their own so we can have our own. All we need to do is unite and fight against the invaders when they attack, like they did Tulsa or Rosewood, or any of our inner cities and neighborhoods. It is time to rise up out of the slave mentality and think for ourselves. The day will come when the world will see who and which race has a serious problem. We all know who that is when they need their asses kissed and we simple refuse to kiss it. Damn!

© June 2017

source: If Whites Want to Segregate, Dammit Let’em


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