First Patois-Speaking Doll Aims to Spread Jamaican Culture

“I always said to myself that if I should ever have a daughter, I would want her to have a doll that looks like her, especially for her own self-esteem,” said Jackson. Toya, the first Patois-speaking doll, is making an international stir thanks to the inspiration of one Jamaican-born, U.K. immigrant, who while on maternity […]

How Paul Robeson Found His Politikal Voice in the Welsh Valleys

Paul Robeson – African American singer, movie star, Broadway actor, freedom fighter and socialist -built his singing career in the teeth of racism in the early 1900s. But his radicalism was spurred on in Britain – by a chance meeting with a group of Welsh miners. by  Jeff Sparrow Paul Robeson singing with a choir […]

Resurrecting the Radical Pedagogy of the Black Panther Party

Drawing inspiration from the Highlander Folk School (1932-present), Citizenship Schools (1957-1965), and Freedom Schools (Summer 1964), the founding members of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (BPP) believed that a learner-driven, politically relevant, and transgressive education that empowers youth to expose the existential contradictions of their own lives creates the conditions necessary for a world […]

Reparations is Dead: How to Resurrect It

by Dr. Jahi Issa and Reggie Mabry The moral case for Black reparations has effectively been made, but the legal argument has met much frustration in the courts. The authors believe that the period after 1808, when U.S. participation in the international slave trade was outlawed, is key to clearing the legal hurdles to reparations. […]

It is Necessary to Unify the Brazilian Black Movement

by Puneet Chadha and Jamile Araújo More than half of Brazil’s population is of African descent, yet concerted action among Afro-Brazilians has often been elusive. Black organizations from across the nation gathered in the city of Salvador to resist the “regressive measures” imposed by the “putschist government” of Michel Temer. “To tackle this serious crisis, […]

Federal Prisons Officials Claim Inmates Aren’t Held In Solitary. DOJ Watchdog Says They Are.

by  Ryan J. Reilly WASHINGTON ― Officials with the federal Bureau of Prisons, an institution that runs 122 facilities that incarcerate upwards of 150,000 human beings, claim that none of roughly 10,000 people they keep locked up in cells for at least 22 hours a day are being held in solitary confinement. The Justice Department’s […]