While Seth is doing somewhat better in terms of his sugar fluctuations, he still has not been given the monitor for the insulin pump. This is a life-saving measure for Seth, as he can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low.

CALL SULLIVAN AT 845-434-2080

Ask to speak with the Superintendent. This will probably not happen. but you can state your concerns to whomever answers the phone. Be sure to get their name.

You can state the following: I am calling on behalf of Robert Seth Hayes, number 74A2280. I am a friend of Mr. Hayes, and am very concerned for his health and well-being. Although Mr. Hayes finally received his insulin pump a while ago, he has not yet been given the accompanying monitor. Since Mr. Hayes can no longer tell when his sugars are high or low, he must be given the monitor as soon as possible as a life-saving measure.

Also, if you work in the healthcare field, let Sullivan know if you are a Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, EMT, etc. This has an impact. If you, a family member or loved one has diabetes, you know how important this is.

Please let us know what day you called and what response you received. Encourage all of your friends, family and co-workers to call as well. Send us an email at nycjericho@gmail.com.

Write to Seth:

Robert Seth Hayes #74A2280
Sullivan C.F.
P.O. Box 116
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

Send him a get well card or write him a letter. Seth loves corresponding with people, and it also shows the prison that people are paying attention.

Anne Lamb
NYC Jericho Movement

To contribute to ongoing efforts supporting Robert Seth Hayes, please donate online at:

NYC Jericho received word on May 9, 2017 from Seth’s lawyer, Eve Rosahn, that his Article 78 appeal of his parole denial was also denied. You can read the decision here.



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