From Paulette D’Auteuil

Good morning Comrades, Friends & Family,

I got a call from Veronza Bowers our comrade at the medical Facility in Butner, NC.

He said quietly “I am doing o.k. and some days are better then others, but i have received so many cards that i know i am blessed by friendship.

Please let folks know that i haven’t been able to write back but after the next round of Chemo my 3rd, i should have more energy. His Dr. said that he will be reducing the intensity of the 4th round if it is necessary and Veronza will keep us up dated after round 3.

He had a great conversation with Dr. B Zeller and wants to thank her for her help and support, as do all of us on the jericho medical Committee.

So keep the cards headed to NC and here is Veronza’s address for those who need it.
Thank you all for your support for
Veronza Bowers #35316-136
FMC Butner 
Box 1600 
ButnerNC 27509

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