Politikal Prisoner Sundiata Acoli needs our support

Dear Friends and Supporters of Sundiata Acoli:

This is a concise update of the status of Sundiata’s case.  Sundiata was again denied release on parole in November, 2016.  There are  procedural processes after denial.  There is the administrative appeal of the denial; the parole board sets a new hearing date called a Future Eligibility Term (FET) which has been  set at 15 years. Sundiata is 80 years old at the time of the FET decision by the “board” and will be 95 by next parole hearing date.  The appeal of that FET was upheld by the board in a decision dated June 21, 2017.

The next phase is an appeal of the denial of Sundiata’s parole to be heard in the New Jersey Appellate Court-the court that ordered Sundiata’s release in September 2014. That order was appealed to the New Jersey Supreme court after which followed, procedural steps, which are not necessary to detail here.

Now, Sundiata’s attorney must get transcripts and will have other expenses, including printing, and of course his legal fees, and will begin the process of preparing an appeal brief once he gets a briefing schedule. The process according to Sundiata’s  attorney can often drag on as the State will not file documents before the brink of the deadline; no interest in accelerating a potential release of Sundiata.

Funds are needed.  All of you know that Sundiata deeply appreciates the support, and commitment to getting him released.   Many of you have contributed each time there is a call for funds; please tell others about Sundiata and ask them to join you and  make a contribution.  Much thanks in advance, on behalf of Sundiata.

Check or  money order payable:

Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign (or SAFC)

Mail to: Florence Morgan

              120-46 Queens Blvd.

              Kew Gardens, New York 11415

Or: if paying via Pay Pal: SAFC766@gmail.com

All The Best,

Florence Morgan


Donations are tax deductible


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