CLR James: Conversations and Interviews, 1938-1989


C.L.R. James, “Six Questions to Trotskyists – And Their Answers,” Controversy,vol. 2 nos. 17–8 (February–March 1938).

Leon Trotsky (with JR Johnson aka CLR James et. al) on Black Nationalism: Documents on the Negro (1933-39), published in Bulletin of Marxist Studies No. 4, George Breitman, ed. (1962).

La Cuarta Internacional en Francia: Entrevista de CLR James a León Trotsky, Abril de 1939. Versión castellana desde “La Quatrième Internationale en France. Interview par CLR James” en Le mouvement communiste en France (1919-1939), textos escogidos y comentados por Pierre Broué, Les Éditions de minuit, París, 1967, páginas 631-638.

Mr. C. L. R. James interviewed by A. Mainame, Herskovits Library of African Studies Audio Collection, Northwestern University, (circa 1960s?).

C. L. R. James lectures and interviews collection, New York Public Library, 1963-1969.

C.L.R. James: You Don’t Play with Revolution,” McGill Reporter (Montreal), 1 no. 7 (November 4, 1968). h/t David Austin.

C.L.R. James and Studs Terkel discuss the Black Jacobins on WFMT Chicago(1970).

Interviews: C. L. R. James, The Black Scholar, vol. 2, no. 1,(1970) [$$$].

Patrick Griffith, “CLR James and Pan-Africanism: An Interview,” Black World/Negro Digest (November 1971).

Kas-kas: Interviews with three Caribbean writers in Texas: George Lamming, C. L. R. James, [Wilson Harris, edited by Ian Munro and Reinhard Sander (Austin: African and Afro-American Research Institute, University of Texas at Austin, 1972).

CLR James talking to Stuart Hall, BBC, 1976. (Also see this post from the Stuart Hall Library).

“Interview: James Early, E. Ethelbert Miller, and Noel Ignatiev with C.L.R. James, October 1980 and January 1981,” Urgent Tasks, no. 12 (Summer 1981).

Talking History: C.L.R. James and E.P. Thompson (H.O. Nazareth, Dir., 1983).

Tariq Ali, “A Conversation with C.L.R. James,” Socialist Challenge, 3 July 1980, pp 8-9.

Tariq Ali en discussion avec C.L.R. James (French translation of 1980 Socialist Challenge interview), Revue Periode, 14 Janvier 2016.

Radical Pan-Africanism in the 1930s: A Discussion with C.L.R. James, Radical History Review 24 (Fall 1980), 68-75. [$$$].

Extract from transcript of Kenneth Ramchand interviews with CLR James, OWTU Guest House, San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago, September 5th, 1980.

Language and the seizure of power: an interview with C. L. R. James by Chris Searle, Brixton, August, 1982. Published in Race and Class, 50 no. 1 (July 1, 2008), 79-87. [$$$]

Pamela Beshoff, Conversation with CLR James, Jamaica Journal (February-April 1986).

CLR James and British Trotskyism (interviewed by Al Richardson, Clarence Chrysostom & Anna Grimshaw on Sunday 8th June & 16th November, 1986 in South London. Originally published as a pamphlet by Socialist Platform Ltd in 1987.

“The Making of a Literary Life: C. L. R. James Interviewed by Paul Buhle, May and September, 1987, Brixton,” in C.L.R. James’s Caribbean, P. Henry & P. Buhle, ads (London: Macmillan, 1987),  56-62.

Black struggles in Britain: interview with CLR James, Critical Social Policy 7 no. 21, (December 1, 1987), pages 49-55 [$$$]

John Fitzpatrick, “You never know when it’s going to explode (CLR James interviewed in Brixton, April 1989),” Living Marxism (April 1989). Podcast available here.


Source: CLR James: Conversations and Interviews, 1938-1989


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