It’s not mass incarceration, but slavery

Speech delivered at the Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March Aug. 19, 2017, in Washington, D.C. We asked, or the organizers asked the people here today as representatives to speak a little bit about the 13th Amendment. Some of them got up here and told us how none of this is gonna work. Some of […]

Amerika’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 People Were Murdered In Arkansas

In 1919, in the wake of World War I, black sharecroppers unionized in Arkansas, unleashing a wave of white vigilantism and mass murder that left 237 people dead. DAVID KRUGLER 02.16.15 6:55 AM ET The visits began in the fall of 1918, just as World War I ended. At his office in Little Rock, Arkansas, […]

This Friday: Join Us as We Celebrate Lynne Stewart’s Birthday!

Friday October 6th 6:30-10:00pm ~ Doors open @ 6:00pm The Theater @ 80 St. Mark’s Place 80 St. Mark‘s Place between 1st & 2nd Avenue, Manhattan. FILM Flavia Fontes: Lynne Stewart Documentary PANELS: What is a Political Prisoner ? Anne Lamb New York Jericho, Sekou Odinga North East Political Prisoner Contingent, Mimi Rosenberg Building Bridges: WBAI Radio, […]