Mumia Abu Jamal on Puerto Rico: ’A colony by any name’

On Christopher Columbus’s second voyage to what was called the West Indies, he visited Puerto Rico, called Boriquen by the native Arawaks dwelling on the island. Columbus docked in November, 1493, and with him came the force and greed of the Spanish Empire. For four centuries Spain brought imperial exploitation, slavery, repression and death to […]

WATCH: Cop Violently Assaults Twin Sisters as School Principal Tries to Stop Him

Orange, NJ — A disturbing video of a large cop manhandling two twin sisters outside of a restaurant just after school had let out has provoked protests and the suspension of an Orange police officer. On Thursday, two sisters were outside of the restaurant when the Orange police officer approached them. While the nature of the […]

Yesterday’s Crimes: The Living Martyrdom of Huey Newton

The arrest of Huey Newton for the killing of Oakland policeman John Frey transformed the Black Panthers into a national movement — 50 years ago this month. by Bob Calhoun West Oakland was being squeezed. At the start of the 1960s, Seventh Street was jumping with blues clubs and pool halls. By the middle of the […]

Herman Bell’s Beat-Down

Photo (2015) by Brian Shih   BY SUSIE DAY   “Why don’t you Americans drop the bullshit about the land of the free and the home of the brave? Admit you’re now basically a tinpot dictatorship.” This, from my playwright friend Diane in London, with whom I’m Skyping. I’ve just told her about what happened to […]

Why Eminem’s ‘Trump Stomp’ Deserves Critical Examination

by Colin Jenkins Trump or Eminem? The rapper challenged his fans to choose at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. (BETNetworks / YouTube) On Tuesday night, BET aired a 4½-minute Eminem video during its hip-hop awards. The song—which many dubbed a “freestyle,” despite being prerecorded—features the rapper delivering a rhyme that figuratively “stomps” Donald Trump. Filmed in a parking […]