2017: A Pop Cultural Year In Review

Had the pleasure of being back on Sputnik Radio‘s By Any Means Necessary where as they summarize: In the final segments Dr. Jared Ball, father, husband, professor at Morgan State University, and curator of imixwhatilike.org, joins Sean Blackmon and Eugene Puryear to talk about Dr. Umar Johnson, the ongoing spat between Dr. Cornell West and Ta Nehisi Coates, the state of hip-hop in 2017, “Get Out” as movie of the year, and the engagement of Princess Harry and Meghan Markle.

“By Any Means Necessary 2017 Year In Review”

Show Notes:

  • When Sean Blackmon raises the question of Black movements appropriating Black movements, specifically the example of “Assata Taught Me,” he raises a concern we’ve also dealt with here.  In particular, this piece from Jalil Muntaqim and this one from Dhoruba bin-Wahaddiscussing Assata Shakur and who speaks for her and related politics.
  • When we discuss Jay-Z and the politics of popularity we touch on some of what we have covered here previously
  • And, of course, the iMWiL! crew has also previously discussed the film Get Out
  • And here is the full #HateAwards Archive for anyone wanting to catch up on this year’s 5th annual or any previous year’s awards
  • And we have also dealt some with the issue of multiraciality and specifically of Meghan Markle


source: 2017: A Pop Cultural Year In Review


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