End Prison Slavery in Texas Now! (2018)

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington the Deputy Chairman of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party, Prison Chapter, Texas Region.  More information about him and more follows the article.                       “For years we were called Niggers to indicate we had no value or worth and that anything could be done to […]

Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down

by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson During early 2018 prisoners across Florida are gonna “laydown” in nonviolent protest of the intolerable condition in Florida’s prisons. The objectionable conditions being protested include unpaid slave labor, compounded by outright price-gouging in the system’s commissary and package services, and the gain-time scam that replaced parole, which, coupled with extreme sentencing, has […]

Florida Prisoners To Protest Again, This Time They’re Refusing To Work

Florida prisoners call for work stoppage to improve the lives of incarcerated people and the communities they come from. Monique O. Madan  MIAMI HERALD Inmates across eight Florida prisons have announced a protest in the form of a work stoppage dubbed Operation PUSH set to start on Jan. 15, advocates say. “Every institution must prepare to […]