Blog #50: The Unpragmatic Debate

With some degree of amusement I have been reading the debate between writers, scholars and academics regarding Cornell West’s critique of Ta Nehisi Coates’ analysis of Black life, Obama’s Presidency, and the general struggle. While I am in agreement with the premise of Cornell’s critique, there is a missing element. This missing element not only […]

‘We honor these politikal POWs’

By Anne Pruden Jan. 27 — The daughters of Russell Maroon Shoatz, Jericho visitors of Jalil Muntaqim, Sundiata Acoli’s attorney, the International Concerned Friends and Families of Mumia Abu-Jamal and others filled the hall at tonight’s 22nd Annual Dinner Tribute to the Families of Our Political Prisoners/POWs at the Unitarian Church of All Souls in Manhattan. […]

What Students Are Taught About Slavery

 by Jacob Sugarman  ALTERNET Just eight percent of American high school seniors can identify the cause of the Civil War; less than a third (32 percent) know which amendment abolished slavery in the U.S.; and fewer than half (46 percent) know that the “Middle Passage” refers to the harrowing voyage across the Atlantic undertaken by Africans kidnapped […]