Academics In Cars Ep1 Marvel’s Black Panther

We just saw the film and had to discuss some of what we loved and much of what we, ahem, did not.* Some questions we raise include why isn’t Killmonger the hero??! What’s up with the pan-Africanism here?!!! Why are they smiling at each other!?!?! And is this merely a remake of Paul Robeson’s Sanders of the River?


*(“Hate,” we remind, is our satirical play on criticism and is connected to the idea that we “hate” what prevents revolution. For more on this see our Hate Awards).

Please watch this 1960 speech by Patrice Lumumba, and notice the sash he wears (less stylish but similar to the film’s near final scene), but notice the diametrically opposed position taken by him in his remarks and how those remarks were received by the colonial powers, understanding, of course, that Lumumba would be assassinated the following year in 1961.


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source: Academics In Cars Ep1 Marvel’s Black Panther


14 thoughts on “Academics In Cars Ep1 Marvel’s Black Panther

  1. This is a good post Moorbey. I had high hopes for this film. There were elements that were good. The scenery is really beautiful. It was cool seeing the beautiful African landscape. Chadwick Boseman was really good. Lupita Nyongo was gorgeous in the film. All the sistas looked beautiful and there were powerful scenes. But Michael B. Jordan stole the show. Killmonger represented Nat Turner,Patrice Lumumba,Huey Newton and Malcolm X. That’s why he was the villain. I knew Marvel would demonize the true revolutionary. These devils will never honor our heroes. They tricked us with this film. They made us think it was going to be about black unity and empowerment. But we got hoodwinked! How is Killmonger a villain but the CIA agent is a hero?? I’ll give you a Star Wars analogy. Let’s say that Luke Skywalker is fighting the evil forces from the dark side. Then Princess Leia finds some technology that can defeat the dark side. And Luke tells her we can’t use that technology because that would make us as bad as them. Sounds crazy right??? The entire plot is laughable. They’re playing with the minds of black people.
    One other thing,you’re a big Huey Newton fan right? Well at the beginning of the film they show Killmonger in Oakland. On his wall I could of swore I saw a poster of Newton from the Black Panthers. This showed the spirit that Killmonger represented. This was a slap in the face to the movement! So they are teaching our children to NOT fight the enemy. And also teaching them that the CIA is the friend. You and I both know that’s a damn lie. Bottom line is this film is anti-black liberation propaganda. If you take your children to see it make sure you school them on all the lies in the film. I hate what these demons are doing to the minds of my people. The righteous will prevail in end. Peace and love to all the Black Gods!

    • I have not seen the movie yet but i promised my 8 year old grand daughter i would take her to see it this week-end and before we go i will sit her down and read her your commentary and break it down for her. For in her own right she is a little revolutionary that has been in training for some time. Asante sana fam. Panther Love

      • That’s good to hear. Your grand daughter will be ahead of the game. You’re doing her a great service. I’m telling you brother. There are some messages in this film that are very bad for our babies. There’s a lot of mental pollution.

      • After examining this film I would say that’s the proper thing to do. I don’t think enough adults will be doin that. This is very dangerous propaganda they’re feeding the young ones.

      • From the day she was born i held her in my arms at the computer and even after she started walking has continued to sat with me while i blog and watch video’s and so forth and still continues to do so. This will be just another one of many lessons that she receives daily. She will tell you in a heart beat that she in a revolutionary in training.

      • Now that’s the best news I’ve heard all day! I’m glad some people are teaching these babies. I don’t think people realize the extent of the anti-black propaganda. It’s really deep! But I’m happy to know she’ll be ready. Peace brother.

      • Amari (b.k.a.) Lil Momma will be ready to continue the fight and knows and understands that we are here put in the work in honour of our ancestors.

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