Black Power 96.3 FM presents Black Power Sundays!

Black Power 96.3 FM

 A weekly rally taking place @3PM outside on the Black Power 96 Sound Stage located at 1245 TyRon Lewis Ave S, formerly known as 18th Ave S! We’ve got dynamic presentations, we’ve got cultural performances, we’ve got local vendors! We’ve got the community!
With a new topic each week, Black Power Sundays are more than just discussions about what issues we are facing as black people both locally and abroad! Black Power Sundays are a call for you to become engaged with overturning the disparities we face in our communities!This week’s topic:

Black Panther has sparked a debate in the black community!

“Wakanda” & Black Panther do not represent the material interest of our people!

Join the discussion as we sum what has been deemed the “black” film of the year and display how African self-determination is building in reality!

For more information on how to vend or perform, please call (727)-914-3612!

Black Power 96 Radio
727-914-3614 • •

Black Power 96 is a project of the The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF), the baddest nonprofit on the planet!

APEDF defends the civil and human rights of the African community and addresses the grave disparities faced by the black community in health, healthcare, economic development and education.


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