Lynching in Mississippi – Black man dated white woman

  Mississippi state and federal investigators have been called in to review a case where the death of a 21-year-old black man was ruled a suicide. On Feb. 8, Willie Andrew Jones Jr. was found hanging from a tree outside his ex-girlfriend’s house in Scott County. The local sheriff insisted that Jones took his own […]

National Oppression in Prisons: Still Going Strong

by Soso of MIM(Prisons)                           permalink   The United $tates locks up New Afrikans at a rate more than 5 times Euro-Amerikans. The rate for Chican@s is at least 1.4 times higher than whites, and the way the prisons collect information on “Hispanics” makes this number likely an underestimate.(1) […]

For Liberty and Equality

by a Texas prisoner            permalink Men form groups for wealth and power Waging wars to feed their greed Countless masses they devour Causing world-wide misery Turning free men into slaves Starving children meet their graves Yet the world is not amazed Not many seek to make a change The ruling class […]

This ‘modern-day’ slavery isn’t all that modern

by Swift Justice for Unheard Voiced OTCJ In the January 2018 edition of the San Francisco Bay View, my brother Bennu Hannibal Ra Sun, formerly known as Melvin Ray, started his article off by stating: “Fire burns off the dross of the hidden gem to reveal the precious metal.” Brother Ra Sun was hinting at […]

Support Kwame Shakur now!

Kwame Shakur is a New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist and political prisoner currently held in the Indiana slave kamp known has Pendleton Correctional Facility. Over the past few years he has become a brilliant exponent of revolutionary thought who has captured the attention of revolutionaries throughout the country. He has worked tirelessly, under the most extreme […]

Book Review: Inside Negro Pan-Afrikan Intellectual Kingdoms Of Shifting Sands

by  Todd Steven Burroughs  Race News: Black Journalists and the Fight for Racial Justice in the Twentieth Century. Fred Carroll. University of Illinois Press, 278 pp., $27.95.     The Rise and Fall of the Negro Press: Claude Barnett’s Pan-African News and the Jim Crow Paradox. Gerald Horne. University of Illinois Press, 272 pp., $24.95.   […]


by  Maha Ahmed DATA HAS SHOWN that, across the country, black Americans are more likely to be killed by police than whites. But the problem is worse in the most segregated states, according to a recent study showing that racial disparities in fatal police shootings are linked to histories of structural violence. Police killings, more than just the […]