CELEBRATE WORLDWIDE RESISTANCE WITH AFROPUNK MIXTAPE #40 FEAT. THE FEVER 333, YOUNG FATHERS, DOOKOOM, MÉLISSA LAVEAUX, AND MORE By Nathan Leigh April 2, 2018 Resistance is nothing new. We’ve been resisting against white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy since day one. On our latest Mixtape #40 “The People Resist”, we celebrate resistance worldwide, with artists representing the US, […]

Fight Back Against Mental Slavery

Some Black students who do well in school also remain mental slaves, for they function as the modern overseer of the ghetto (plantation), for the modern slave master. These trained students lack an understanding of how to use knowledge for themselves individually, and collectively for their people. They can become as brutal as the slave […]

What is an Afrikan-Centered Consciousness? 

 “What then is an Afrikan centered consciousness?  An Afrikan-centered consciousness is one that is based on Afrikan-centered content, Afrikan-centered knowledge, Afrikan-centered values, Afrikan-centered consciousness.  To the degree that our consciousness is based on Afrikan-centered values and so forth, we are empowered as Afrikan people.  To the degree those values and consciousness are determined by other […]

Only Black People Prosecuted Under Mississippi Gang Law Since 2010

Mississippi Sen. Brice Wiggins sponsored an expanded gang law that failed this session. Prosecutors have used existing gang law only against African Americans since 2010. Photo by Imani Khayyam. By Donna Ladd #JACKSON — In the lead-up to this year’s legislative session in Mississippi, supporters of a tougher gang law in the state talked a lot about the need to […]