The Agreement to End Hostilities: Use it or lose all we’ve won

by Damu Katika Chimurenga, s/n Hayward L. Mayhan “Upon the thirsting for knowledge and wisdom, while attempting to understand our true Afrikan roots, once reading and researching, I would often inquire of my curriculums. In dialogue with other students and teachers within the university, I found myself doing likewise. Because of being taught to seek […]

Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down → Black, Brown and White, the Proletariat Must Unite!

by Tom Watts (White Panthers) There is no clear demarcations between, Black, Brown and White people in Amerika. Historically, the classifications have changed considerably over time. Originally, Irish, German, Eastern and Southern Europeans, and Jews were not considered “white” by Anglo-Saxon Protestants. During “Jim Crow” segregation, anyone with a “drop of African blood” was considered […]

Racial Terror by the Rules: On Anti-Black Psychic Violence as a Kind of Governmentality

by Zoe Samudzi The Emancipation Statue, Bridgetown, Barbados. One of the most egregious but canonically crucial colonial acts was to make God and Jesus white men. Jesus, in this imagination, is not a brown-skinned Jewish man from Judea (today’s Occupied Palestine): he’s a fair complected man with reddish or brown hair. The insidiousness of this anglicization […]