by a Texas prisoner              permalink Yesterday, I was a sleeping victim victimized by class segregation Yesterday, I was comatose, to those who inflicted economic degradation These Imperialist weapon of mass Destruction is capitalism smoked screened by spiritual materialism The irony is that of a materialist in prison Yesterday, I was […]

Too many parole denials at New Folsom

by Alay’he Justin Jackson Those of us here at New Folsom State Prison are at odds with the overwhelming number of parole denials here, as well as overly negative board psych reports. The fact that less than 4 percent of prisoners here are paroled should speak volumes to the public as well as state legislatures […]

Prison Panthers and awakening the Black radicals

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington “What made him (Malcolm X) unfamiliar and dangerous was not his hatred for white people but his love for Blacks, his apprehension of the horror of the Black condition, and the reasons for it, and his determination to work on their hearts and minds so that they would be enabled to […]

What happens when you put Afrikan philosophies at the centre of learning

  What happens when African philosophies and practices are placed at the centre of learning? How can teachers and students on the continent use the concepts of ubuntu (human interdependence) and ukama (relationality) to come up with homegrown solutions for societal and educational concerns? These were two of the questions we sought to answer when we set up a Massive Open […]